Rock the Vote

Season 2, Episode 1


On the first episode of SEASON 2, the ladies welcome guest Brad Furby to the show. Brad is a political educator and activist in Charlotte, NC. We discuss why everyone should participate in democracy, in-person voting vs. mail in voting, and how people can get involved in local politics.


During one conversation, Brad mentioned Ice Cube—who recently introduced his Contract with Black America—might be entangled with Russia and Michael Cohen. He also talked about, which is the best way he’s found to research local elections.


Thanks so much to Brad for gracing the Confab screen. And there’s still time to vote early, people! To find out if and where early voting takes place in your state, go to And if you haven’t submitted a mail-in ballot or if early voting isn’t available where you live, make sure you HIT THE POLLS ON NOVEMBER 3RD!